LOVEFiLM have restructured their pricing options again.

Commerce I think this deserves a whole new blog post. LOVEFiLM have restructured their pricing options again. In this previous post, I talked about how Lovefilm had reduced the price of their packages so that we could received three discs at a time at the new price of £13.22 and how I'd had to manually go in and change it.

I've just phoned LOVEFiLM about something else and happened to ask why we'd not had any emails about it. The advisor said that emails had been sent out and while I was talking to her, I noticed I'd just had an email and that was fine then. But then I bothered to read it and ...
"We know our customers love renting our huge range of films and TV series. Now we're increasing the amount of choice you can have at home.

From the 14th of November we'll be giving you one extra disc at home as part of your package at no extra cost. This means from now on you can have 4 discs at home instead of 3 and you won't pay a penny extra. "
Four discs? No human could possibly watch that many. Still at £13.22. Are they mad?  Has anyone else had this email?

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