"IDW are to publish a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover series"

Comics  Well, well.  IDW who currently have the US rights to produce both Doctor Who and Star Trek comics have had an idea:
"Bleeding Cool has squirrelled out news of an upcoming crossover that might send certain minds reeling. That in May, IDW are to publish a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover series. Featuring The Doctor, Rory, Amy, Captain Picard, Worf, Data, Geordie LaForge, Deanna Troy, Will Riker and the rest. And that this art, featuring the Doctor, Rory and Amy on the bridge of the Enterprise is a cover that will be used in the series."
And oh what artwork.

Of course it was once the dream of Russell T Davies to run a television crossover, which would have been with the Enterprise crew, but this makes more sense, especially in terms of mixing the more iconic characters.  Perhaps if it's a success, they could have a series of stories featuring the TARDIS bouncing around the Trek Universe for a while much as they have in the Whoniverse.

What'll be interesting is how the writers, assuming they care about such things, will deal with the fact that Star Trek has been long established as a television series in the Doctor Who universe (see this Memory Alpha entry).  Not to mention if we're walking in that direction, how as far as the Trek universe is concerned this definitely won't be canon, but in the Doctor Who universe it's in the air and probably is.

Nevertheless, I'm excited.  Squee squared [via].

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