"pull a Wedge Antilles"

Film How does one review this "Officially Licensed Star Wars Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Jacket with Medal Of Yavin"? How about:
"Geez, again I have to be berated by this jacket? I mean c'mon, the kid had a wide open shot....who couldn't have made that?!? I have a little bit of equipment malfunction and have to pull out, and this kid goes on to be the Rebellion's superstar. Did anyone realize he's family with the enemy?!? And he's still your poster child? Hmmph....And another thing, I'm tired of all of these jokes at my expense, just because I had to pull out of my treacherous Death Star run. Can't make it with your lady? "Oh, he must've pulled a Wedge Antilles." The Projector is not working for your knockout presentation on torpon torpedo topology? "Hey, way to go! You pulled a Wedge Antilles!" Crash to your death at the Death Star just because of some flimsy stabilizer? "I could've made it back to Yavin, but, you know, didn't want to pull a Wedge Antilles....YEOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHH!!!" So spare me your "officially licensed" ceremonial jacket and Yavin Medal, some of us are emotionally invested! And yes, I will refrain from "pulling a Wedge Antilles" and actually submit this review!"
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