"new type of sugar packet"

Food Yesterday, President Obama hosted a Science Fair at the White House. Here are his remarks and he makes a point towards the end of asking the press to give it some attention. So I thought I would, and in particular this innovation:
"Some of you, that means developing new products that will change the way we live. So Hayley Hoverter -- where’s Hayley? There she is, right over here -- invented a new type of sugar packet that dissolves in hot water. It’s flavorless, it’s colorless, and potentially could save up to 2 million pounds of trash each year -- and that’s just at Starbucks. (Laughter.) So MasterCard has already awarded her $10,000 to help turn her idea into a business."
And here she is talking about the product at TEDx:

My first reaction was "sugarcubes?" but on reflection this is presumably cleaner, works inside the comfort zone of the average consumer and might have other practical applications.

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