“Kuroge Wagyu”

Food The Eataku food blog wonders if its found the greatest burger in the world. In Tokyo:
"Blacows is a no-nonsense burger place. Owned and run by a butcher, it stakes it reputation on the superior quality of its meat. It prides itself on using only “Kuroge Wagyu”, or “Black-haired Japanese beef”. And that’s where the place gets i’s name from: “Black” + “Cow” = “Blacow”.

The first thing you see when you walk up to the door is a chalkboard that tells you what cuts of beef they’re using that day, where that beef came from, the exact number of the cow they bought it from, and the grade, usually always A5."
Watch out for the in-house butcher [via].

Unfortunately, what I thought was the best burger in the world, was made by a restaurant in Shrewsbury which is no longer there.

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