ambush Corrie Corfield

Radio Sometimes I wonder who listens to Radio 4's Feedback. Like television's Points of View and Newswatch, it's usually fuelled by the kind of bizarre humans who complain if a programme's been broadcast thirty seconds too late or Justin Webb's accidentally crashed the eight o'clock picks on the Today programme.

 Various channel controllers are generally hauled in to be asked presenter Roger Bolton (a veteran of these kinds of programmes having previously front Channel 4's Right to Reply back when it was still somewhat a public service channel) about exactly why Chris Moyles exists or if they're ever going to bring back Pied Piper.

But sometimes, just sometimes, Feedback offers a real insight into radio production as was the case yesterday when Bolton ventured out of the steaming mass of vitriolic energy which his usual nest and visited Radio 4's continuity department to ambush Corrie Corfield as she goes about her day filling the gaps between programmes and reading the news.

Corrie's one of my favourite voices on twitter and on the radio and we can now marvel at her ability to fit four pieces of information into a minute and a half, whilst being shouted towards by people in other studios.  You can listen to the whole thing here (eps dated 15 June), along with an excellent anecdote about John Snagge commentating the Queen's coronation.

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