"icky little feelings like petty jealousy"

Music Finally, after seven long years, Fiona Apple has a new album coming. NPR has a preview:
"This has never been truer than on Apple's first album in seven years, whose typically hard-to-digest title is partly The Idler Wheel — the part in a system of gears (on phonographs and cassette players, among other extraordinary machines) that, seemingly passively, helps other parts move. The feelings Apple takes on in her deliberately maddening, eventually addictive new songs are those that inch us along, filling up most of our lives: icky little feelings like petty jealousy, self-doubt, bored loneliness and shamed regret. This is the stuff we'd rather tamp down. Apple wraps her fingers around it and makes it unavoidable."
Note, I haven't listened yet. I'll wait for the release so I can listen "properly". But it has been too long. To celebrate, here's one of my favourite Apple moments, metaphorically filling in for the film Magnolia during the editing stage for then boyfriend Paul Thomas Anderson:

Anderson would also direct this promo for Apple's cover of Across The Universe.

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