"now Pizza Express"

History Oxford Street in Southampton was the shopping area that passengers joining the Titanic may have visited. John Welshman, author of Titanic: The Last Night of a Small Town has attempted to reconstruct what the shops might have been:
"No 29: A bakery owned by James Wildman, a pastry chef and confectioner (now the Olivetree Restaurant).

"No 31: A tobacconists owned by Arthur Edwin Bannister and his wife Matilda (now Pizza Express).

"Nos 33-34: The Oxford Hotel owned by Walter Percy Brandon (now the Oxford Brasserie)."
This is excellent work.  Hotels then, restaurants now.  Incidentally, the Oxford University Press's blog is really, really excellent, offering a stream of short, clever intelligent posts on a range of random subjects, like an academic-style BoingBoing.

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