"you can tell me to my face"

Music The Short Cuts section of tomorrow's Guardian includes a typically sarcastic missive from PopJustice's (the usually good) Peter Robinson regarding one of Charlotte Church's new tracks, Mr The News, a thinly veiled attack on Mr Murdoch.

It's the sort of thing which unless it's written by Marina Hyde or Hadley Freeman tends to end badly and sure enough some immensity materialises in the comments underneath when a new commenter claiming to be Charlotte Church arrives to correct instrument inaccuracies and lay waste to the sarcasm:
"I'd like to invite you to one of my gigs and then, if you still believe it to be true, you can tell me to my face that I sound like Matt fucking Cardle. By the way, It's a yukele that you can see in the background"
She returns later to correct the spelling of ukulele.  If I was The Guardian I'd ask Charlotte to write a longer rebuke or have full length pictures of her and Peter pointing at each other and scowling in the Saturday edition with a lengthy debate about what the point was.

Updated 14/06/2012  It is Charlotte.  She and PopJustice had a conversation about this on Twitter last night.  Difficult to link to it all, but PopJustice has agreed to go a gig.

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