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Annual Predictions.

That Day It's that time of year again when I assess what were my predictions for the passing year and make up some new ones. Well, and indeed, then:

Obama re-elected.
He was and by a wider margin than might have been predicted mid-term. As a disciple of Nate Silver, I entirely ignored the polling numbers and simply watched his chancing of winning percentage graph and although it took a dip coming out of that first debate, by election day it had surpassed the previous peak. So while Republicans rubbed their hands together and the media, especially in the UK, were talking about the election being too close to call, I was quietly confident, if not entirely. Now one of Romney's sons is suggesting that his father didn't want to be President anyway which is either sour grapes or explains why the Republican candidate ran such a lacklustre campaign.  But the most important thing is, ONE MARK.

Murdoch's empire collapses.
Not quite, not yet.  To an extent it's too big to fail.  It's not about Murdochs to much of an extent anymore even though they're still the figureheads.  Their foot soldiers are now well trained enough to continue their legacy even if sections of the business are being separated.  Now you could argue that splitting the empire into two separate companies is a collapse, and that I could award myself half a mark at least, but it's not good enough.  Sky still broadcasts. His newspapers still publish.  He still owns 20th Century Fox.

Sugababes reforms.
Aha, the jokey outside chance comes through again.  Last year is was the lost Who episodes.  This year, well, blimey.  The album isn't out yet, but Siobhan, Keisha and Mutya giving interviews and recording is good enough for me.  ONE MARK.

Shakespeare found.
No manuscript, no lost play, and actually no old plays conferred new canonicity even if an Arden edition of Edward III's been confirmed for a 2014 publication.  Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre remains were found though, which is still a huge discovery given the archaeological implications so I'm taking HALF A MARK.

Planet saved.
"I have high hopes about us all finding a mutually agreed decision on climate change," the thirty seven year old version of me said, "though what I really mean is that we’ll simply move from being negative to positive about the future. I’ll leave it to the thirty-eight year old version of me, next year, to measure exactly what that means. Sorry, future me." You bastard.  And to think I let you discover the majesty of Scott Pilgrim vs The World that year.  Well, it's probably your fault that that Doha was a bust, the global financial crisis continues unabated and I've been unable to find a clear direction in life.  Well, the third one at least.  Though in all fairness it was a tall order.  At any point in Earth's history has anyone felt positive about the future? The planet was saved in The Avengers, but I don't think that counts, sadly.

Another two and half marks, so still keeping to the average even after all these years.  Now then 2013, what have you got for me.  Or us?

Lab/Lib coalition in the UK by the end of the year.

Paul McGann in Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary television special.

BBC announces new complete works of Shakespeare.

Andrew Stanton hired to direct Star Wars.  Aaron Sorkin works on script in some capacity.

Liverpool artist wins Turner Prize.

After last year's vagaries, I've decided to go specific, though not so specific that I'd risking adding that I think Tim Farron will be the new leader of the Lib Dems having replaced Clegg because Milliband won't work with him and Vince Cable won't want the job.  I'll reserve the right to half marks if McGann is in the special but not playing the Doctor in case they utilise the Zagreus strategy of employing past cast members in new roles.  The rest is self explanatory.  Good luck 2013, I'm counting on you.

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