Life forms.

Music Eric Idle has rerecorded The Galaxy Song with new lyrics on the occasion of Dr. Brian Cox's new series Wonders of Life. See above the trailer, which is beautiful and hilarious and with its captions also echoes The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. In a bit of a coup for Nerdist, Idle's written a blog post explaining the collaboration:
"I soon found out that the great thing about Brian is that he loves knowledge and he really loves imparting it. When he replies to any question you can see the great joy he takes in informing, and he has a smile on his face as he gets into the cosmic details. In short, a bloke right up my alley. After a time, he says, “You wouldn’t consider writing a song for my new series would you?” It’s clear he knows about the “Galaxy Song” and we discuss it a bit, and I say “what’s the subject?” and he says “the wonders of life.” “Oddly enough,” I say, “when I was adapting The Meaning of Life for a musical which never made it past seven drafts and some lovely songs, I did a biological version of the “Galaxy Song,” which did for Biology and the chemistry of life what the original had done with astrophysical distances. I’ll dig it out and send it to you.”"

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