WHO 50: 1969:
The Krotons.

TV Some time in November 1981, the BBC repeated the final episodes of a series of stories every Thursday in a special season called “The Five Faces of Doctor Who”.

The idea of not showing a whole story seemed a bit odd even to the younger version of me (I was seven), yet I was still terribly excited to see these earlier Doctors no matter how much of it they decided to reveal.

Looking at what was available in the archive, the BBC schedulers chose The Krotons to represent the Troughton era and right through the rest of the decade I always had a vivid memory of Patrick at his most excitable, jumping about, shouting.

I could never quite remember what it was he was so excited about, why he was jumping or what he was shouting, but I always remembered his big friendly face.

It was a precious memory which remained doubly vivid because I didn’t think I’d ever see it again.

It wasn’t until many, many years later whilst reading a Doctor Who Magazine article about the season, I discovered that whole stories had been broadcast.

For some reason, I’ve never quite understood, I’d only happened to have been sitting in front of the television each Thursday which I later reinterpreted as a scheduling decision.

Which is sort of was. But at my parent's end rather than at the BBC.

I was simply busy between Monday and Wednesday having meals or out and about.

Wouldn’t happen now. We’d simply watch it later on the iPlayer, or buy the dvd.

Which is clearly better. You lucky children.

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