The most popular posts of all time (on this blog).

About  Time for the first annual audit of the five most popular posts of all time on this blog, or at least since I installed the Google Analytics thingamy.

(1) Like tea bags. But with coffee.
The all time most read post with 14,o69 page views adding a dozen or so daily thanks to the inadvertent SEO of the title. It's a review of some Lyons coffee bags dashed off in a desperate rush one evening, rather like this very post.  I would add an associates link to the Amazon website but these searches are coming in from all over the globe.  As one of the commenters asks, "Why aren't these available in Estonia?"

(2) The Opinion Engine 2.0: 4/31: What's your opinion of Zooey Deschanel?
Most of the 3150 page views were as result of me inadvisedly reposting the text late at night (because everything inadvisable happens at night though in my case it's usually sleeping) in a thread at a different much more visited website on a negative post about the actress, it being "featured" and having one of their members seeking the original source online and linking to it. Cue a shit storm of hits over a few days and some really ugly comments there during which I considered closing the blog down.  After being scolded by one of their mods I eventually convinced them to take the "featured" tag away and so it was lost in the massive long thread below.  Let this be a lesson to you.

(3)  Scene Unseen: The Matrix Revisited: The Woman In The Red Dress
People are fascinated by this string of words about an easter egg on the dvd. But it is a fascinating easter egg.  2898 page views.

(4)  the IMAX 3D experience at Odeon Liverpool One.
Despite having been given a free ticket, I still haven't returned to the faux-max at OLO such was my disappointment.  The traffic generally comes via google searches for "imax liverpool one" for which this is the third result directly below the official Odeon information pages and above a Daily Post piece.  I don't know what effect that would have on their business.  1730 page views.

(5)  a viewing order for all the "contemporary" episodes in the modern Doctor Who, including both Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Which oscillates a bit with my review of the final episode of Torchwood's Miracle Day (with its rare blog appearance of my face) which is still linked from the main BBC page for the series (so all those people have seen my face too), and the one about how The Impossible Astronaut can be happening during Miracle Day (which is the most viral post that ever appeared on the blog) (it even made io9).  I'm currently trying to decide if this post should be updated to reflect the coherent arguments of Lance and Lars's AHistory, but I'm not sure if that's plagiarism or not.  It probably is, so I probably won't.  1687 page views.

Now, wasn't that interesting?  Night, night.

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