History If you watched the superb Bettany Hughes documentary posted here last week, you'll know that Plato's writings on Atlantis contain uncanny descriptions relating to physical places. On the BBC's website, Dr Iain Stewart is cautious in attributing a single place as a location:
"Today, the myriad of theories - many of them breathtakingly fantastic ('Atlantis was an exploded planet'!) - ensures that the true nature of Plato's story is as elusive as ever. For those committed Atlanteans that believe Atlantis existed much as Plato described, the possible locations of the lost city are becoming increasingly exotic. Recent candidates lie as far afield as the Caribbean, South America, Antarctica, Ireland and French Polynesia."
All of which said, in one of the pull quotes, Stewart is clear as to the priorities of the rest of the populace, "...ordinary Greeks probably didn't speculate on the origins of the mythical Atlantis; they were too busy surviving its reality."

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