Bill Cosby’s Three Proven Strategies

Books Bill Cosby’s Three Proven Strategies for reading faster.  It probably works best if you do the voice:
"Here’s how to preview: Read the entire first two paragraphs of whatever you’ve chosen. Next read only the first sentence of each successive paragraph. Then read the entire last two paragraphs.

Previewing doesn’t give you all the details. But it does keep you from spending time on things you don’t really want — or need — to read.

Notice that previewing gives you a quick, overall view of long, unfamiliar material."
I skim a lot. Over the years I've developed a memory which seems to be largely based on knowing where a piece of knowledge is rather than necessarily what it consists of. Which does mean I can also be a bit forgetful. The other day I saw a photograph from Christmas morning in 1998 and although I was holding and wearing presents I still have and cherish, I couldn't remember the moments in which I'd been given them.  Which is a bit worrying, but probably a "natural" sign of ageing.

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