Ornithology  The Tomtit is a robin-like bird native to New Zealand and important within Mauri culture:
"To Maori the miromiro is one of Maui’s birds and is a significant bird, being esteemed with the huia, the royal albatross and white heron. An observant person is spoken of as –“ he karu miromiro” - “having a tomtit eye” and the Maori called tomtits “scouts” or “torotoro” due to their habit of appearing from nowhere in the forest. He manu aroha te miromiro - “the miromiro is the lovebird” and it had a place in Maori rituals for birth, tohunga, and a new pa."
Their department of conservation has recordings of the bird's song available for download. Interestingly they're not actually tits.  The assumption is that migrants from the British Isles clocked them as being relatively similar and the name stuck.  I prefer miromiro anyway.

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