Steven Soderbergh's exit interview.

Film  When Steven Soderbergh implied he'd stop making films at the age of fifty, it didn't seem like a realistic prospect.  He loves the medium too much to stop, it seemed, there'd always be an itch.  Well. it looks (unfortunately for us) that he's making good on his promise and has given what amounts to an exit interview to New York Magazine.  The interviewer's a bit obnoxious (Jennifer Lopez was also amazing in Antz, Jersey Girl and Selena) but that only seems to coax Soderbergh into doing all the things you can do in the best exit interviews in jobs: bitch about colleagues, the management, how you would do things better and what you plan to do in the future.  Which includes this awesome revelation:
"I’m overhauling Kafka completely. It’s funny—wrapping a movie 22 years later! But the rights had reverted back to me and Paul Rassam, an executive producer, and he said, “I know you were never really happy with it. Do you want to go back in and play around?” We shot some inserts while we were doing Side Effects. I’m also dubbing the whole thing into German so the accent issue goes away. And Lem and I have been working on recalibrating some of the dialogue and the storytelling. So it’s a completely different movie. The idea is to put them both out on disc. But for the most part, I’m a believer in your first impulse being the right one. And I certainly think that most of the seventies directors who have gone back in and tinkered with their movies have made them worse."
Of all Steven's films there's not a single one I haven't admired if not usually flat out loved, including Ocean's 12 and Full Frontal which are practically the same film or at least idea presented in different idioms.  But his other credits are just as intriguing.  He was a second unit director on The Hunger Games.  He was a producer on Rumour Has It...  He was a screenwriter on the film Criminal but asked for the credit Sam Lowry (presumably a Brazil reference).  I can feel another viewing project coming on.  But not soon.  I've the whole rest of Doctor Who to get through this year.  Perhaps in time for the dvd release of the new director's cut of Kafka, a sentence I never thought I'd type.

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