It's still rubbish.

Film  Today's Guardian has an interview with Laura Linney which includes a list of the characters she's played in the past.
""The ball-breaker in Love, Actually who ditched a new hunk in order to care for her learning-disabled brother."
Which is an interesting interpretation of that storyline by journalist Catherine Shoard.  "Ball breaker"?  Really?  Also it leaves out the reason why she leaves the "hunk".  The Cifer's underneath are suitably outraged.

Meanwhile, Wired Magazine recently published 6 Reasons Love Actually Is the New Christmas Classic, Even for Geeks, which says more about Wired Magazine in 2012 than the film itself.

Luckily someone at Salon's called it "demoralizing, misogynistic holiday twaddle" keeping the world karmically balanced.

Love Actually's on ITV2 again tonight.  Go, away.

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