There's more than gift vouchers at stake.

Commerce lady_cait worked for Zavvi before it was bought by Head Entertainment then moved to HMV, and we know what's happening to HMV.  She describes the process of living with uncertain job prospects and the horrible way she's been treated by all three companies. Here's when she discovered Zavvi was going under:
"There were tell tale signs for ages. Little things that, had I been more clued up on life, might have made me realise what was coming. Overtime stopped getting paid, less Christmas temps, problems ordering new stock, etc etc etc. I remember there being rumours of trouble, talking about it behind the tills. But when I got that text off Susie, I felt like I’d been smacked in the face. And so I reacted in the way any rational person would. I cried all the way home on the train and then I drank two bottles of rum with my friend Brett. I don’t have very good memories of Christmas 008."
Some day, remind me to tell you about the three weeks I worked at HMV in the 90s. I hated it too [via].

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