Underground Instants of Steam.

Transport  IanVisits reports on the commemorative return of a steam train to the London Underground, which was covered by the mainstream media, but there's was about justifying the event which lacked details such as ...
"Onward through the stations to King’s Cross where train geeks were scarce in this modern edifice, and people recently departed from overground trains were given the shock of steam as they waited to complete their trips home. Out came the camera phones, and their more recent replacements — the huge tablet devices — as people tried to capture the unexpected moment.

"Along the entire line, hundreds of people watched a steam train pass, by watching it on a tiny screen on their phone or camera. The vicarious vision of steam was fortunately enlivened by the smell, the clouds of steam and comradeship."
Exactly. As I've said before, major events will always be recorded and by better photographers than us.  Our job should simply be to enjoy the moment, because it's our own experience of it which is unique.

Meanwhile, Annie Mole reports on ticketing hijinks and the train which didn't run.

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