"Oh no. Oh no. Please, don’t say it."

Audio  Doctor Who author/writer/person has been filling his blog with deleted scenes from his work.  I'm yet to listen to the full thing, but the other day he posted a non-spoilery snatch of unused dialogue from his Big Finish audio The Cannabalists which featured the Eighth Doctor & Lucie.

To an extent it's a tribute to the somewhat unacknowledged masters of Doctor Who.  While the mainstream media inevitably focus on the television version of the franchise, it's still somewhat the audios, books and comics which are the thick connecting tissue of the mythology, giving us something to listen to, read and read between the televised scraps.

This brief section says everything you'd need to know about this Doctor/companion relationship, him tolerant and weary, her oblivious but clever.  We've witnessed other combinations have this same conversation played for different effects, but I think this is one of the funniest.  Smart, smart.

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