Life Lis has written one of the bravest blog entries I've read in some time. It's about how social media's changing out interpersonal skills:
"Not long ago, I met up with someone I knew solely from Twitter, which is not the first time I’ve met a Twitter friend, but I sat in a bar with this person for a couple of hours while she talked about herself the entire time. She didn’t even pause to draw a breath, but that wasn’t what troubled me about our meeting."
One of the problems we have as human beings sometimes is that we want to be liked. We want to seem like a peer and we want to build friendships which is something which is becoming increasingly difficult in this connected/unconnected world.

Sometimes, and I suspect I've been guilty of this over the years, we can over-compensate to the point that we forget that it's not just about wanting to advertise ourselves to a prospective friend through monologuing or advertising ourselves to them but simply being good company, that things evolve and the rest comes if the chemistry is really there.

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