Sugababes vs "Sugababes" is off.

Music Here's the Newbeat version of the now row between the Sugababes and "Sugababes" story (not that I'd ever considered there was such a thing) (obviously). Essentially they're all talking to each other and everything's fine, so expect a charity record from the six of them within in the year.

More interesting are the comments about what the album contains, Mutya in particular sounding like a pre-2005 Russell T Davies on Doctor Who:
""We wanted to take our time and make sure it was right," explained Mutya.

"The most important thing for us was to make sure we did it properly."
So they won't refer to One Touch initially but by the fourth album they'll be riffing on Soul Sound and it'll end with a cameo from Bernard Cribbins making us cry. Again.

From Siobhan:
""As for the album I think it's important there's not one sound because we all like different music."
Which makes this sound like the album will be a bit of each of the previous solo efforts and if this thing is anything like either of Siobhan's albums or Song for Mutya (if not necessarily much else of the Mutya album), it should be something special (so long as they're not interrupted by Graham Norton somewhere in the opening track).

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