"Would you please stop that?"

Music Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman walked out his own concert on Monday evening after noticing someone recording the thing on their iPhone.
"Krystian Zimerman, from Poland, was distracted by the concertgoer while in the middle of playing Karol Szymanowksi's Variations on a Polish Theme in B Minor at the Ruhr piano festival in Essen.

Still playing, he raised his gaze towards the audience member, who was sitting in a balcony seat above him, and said: "Would you please stop that?"

"But while Zimerman, 56, resumed playing the work he had clearly lost his concentration, and left the stage shortly afterwards, evidently agitated."
He blames the amount of clips of things there are on YouTube.  But it's not just the results.  As some of the commenters note, what is destroying music and the enjoyment of going to see live music is "the entitled little shits out there who think they can film whatever and whoever they want."

 One of the reasons I've sworn off concerts is because you do end up spending most of the night dodging camera screens rather than listening to the music.

 If somewhere like the Globe Theatre is capable of policing this -- YouTube isn't awash with "unofficial" recordings of plays -- other venues should be able to as well if they cared to.

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