The Walker Art Gallery website updates the positioning of the opening hours and address details. It's good news.

Art You might remember a couple of months ago when I was in one my curiously cross moods I offered a survey of where the local museums and art galleries put their visitor information.

 Here is an update now that National Museum Liverpool have refreshed their website because I want to give credit where it's due. Here's what I said about their old site with a screenshot:

There we are, top right, opening hours with a link to "more visitor information" which goes into greater detail about closures and that sort of thing, though there are also some more clicks required to get to an address and transport links through a menu of links.  All of the NML websites use the same style sheet so all of them have a very similar navigation system.

Here's the new site:

Top right one box with the opening times in big bold lettering and below that another box with the address and a small image of a map and a link to the map. Well done you and well done whoever designed the website.  These details are in the same place for all the venues which share the same eye-catching style sheet.

I've two more suggestions if I may:

(1)  Make the image of the map itself a link the map too - it's more intuitive and was the first thing I tried to click and better to find the tip of your finger to if you're viewing the site on a tablet.

(2)  Create some mechanism, more links in the black bar at  the top ala the BBC website, a drop down menu, whatever, so that the user can shift between venues from the actual venue page rather than having to click back to the master page via the "Back to National Museums Liverpool" link at the top which feels like extra clicks.  I understand why you wouldn't want to.  Forcing the user through that route means you can introduce them to events and whatnot at other venues, but I'd actually be more inclined to simply Google the individual venue instead to get there.  With a link at least you're keeping them on the actual website.

Other than that, one down, seven (non-NML) to go.

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