Alternative ways of following and watching #glastonbury.

TV As ever the structure of the BBC's Glastonbury web pages is content rich and purposefully Byzantine in design but if you look closer, or utilise Google, the usual infrastructure surrounding a BBC event or programme page is still available and makes things a lot simpler if all you want is a conveyor belt of music. Here are the highlights:

The Clips Page

Plenty of previous Glastonbury performances stretching back as far as 2007 when this iteration of the website was still in its infancy are available on the standard clips page. Sometimes single tracks, sometimes highlight packages. There are also interviews.  Depends what they have their own rights to and hasn't expired yet or what was thought important to upload in a given year depending on what the main website was doing.


A page collecting together all the broadcasts due to happen across media, across the weekend. It's here I notice that the English National Ballet are performing the Pyramid stage on Sunday lunch time.

Available on BBC iPlayer

There's nothing on here yet other than a few random reruns from 6 Music, but in previous years this page filled up with the extended highlights from the various stages across the weekend as they were uploaded which tended to be a few hours after they'd finished as you can see from the Guide pages and this example of an episode featuring Maverick Sabre which wasn't anywhere near a television channel.  Hopefully it'll be the same this year.
Updated later:  I was right, the conveyor belt of music's begun.  Ninety artists will be available eventually for a whole month.

The Programme page in general.

The BBC's main Glasto site is an example of their newish infinitely flexible "events" page which covers these sorts of things as their happening.  But all of the BBC's content has a programme page with the same structure of clips, galleries and other links hidden away somewhere.  Here's the version for BBC Arts.  Any new content will feed through here and is worth exploring on these terms.

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