Deep Blue Something.

TV Here we go then. Back to the mission. Doctor Who returned 23rd August, the Bank Holiday weekend as previously predicted on BBC One at a time yet to be determined. We have a promo image ...

... of Capaldi giving it some Pertweean hands on hips action and Jenna laughing at something happening far off wearing a lovely spring dress.

We also have a title ...

Deep Breath

... and the news that it'll be a "feature length" episode which offers a whole world of durational speculation since based on previous experience this could mean anything from an hour to an hour and a half. There's been the suggestion this new series is to be twelve episodes long - could the extra noonoo for the first episode have swallowed up the budget of two? Or did they film two episodes and then decide to combine them? Or are there in fact thirteen anyway.

Oh and the trailer, but you'll already have watched that with its weird voiceover inflection with makes him sound like he's saying "Am I good man?" and the Clara clip which is obviously from inside the episode.  As is the voice over probably.  It's not quite "Wanna come wiv me?" but nothing ever is.

Now you can go off and enjoy reading all this information again in several hundred other places as the TARDIS like echo chamber that is the internet begins its sonic boom.

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