Film Memories.

Film Even though Pete's Dragon was the first film I saw at the cinema, Mum and Dad took me when I was very young and we saw it at the ABC on Lime Street, one of my strongest film memories was about not seeing a film. Living in Speke in the 1980s it wasn't that easy to get to a cinema and our local was the Woolton Picture House.

Having become a huge fan of the Herbie films because they'd been shown at school in film club, I'd been promised to see a reissue of Herbie Rides Again so we made the special trip on the 81 bus one night and I'd become so excited about seeing it in a real cinema, mostly because of the Kiora and ice cream at the interval.

When we got there, it wasn't on in the evenings, with a poster for Cronenberg's Videodrome up instead. I was disappointed, but noticed that my Dad was also disappointed and I think it must be one of the earliest occasions when I noticed my parents had their own feelings too.

I remember standing outside the phone box (this was 1983) as my Dad phoned Mum to tell her what had happened and asking if we should try and get to the Cannon Classic on Allerton Road instead?  We went home in the end. It was too late. I think I've had a subliminal grudge against Cronenberg ever since.

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