" in the lift Henry didn’t even look at Hansen"

TV England's early retreat from the World Cup means I won't have to watch much else of it, which doesn't mean I won't continue to follow it vicariously through the media and especially Hadley Freeman's piece in The Guardian. Today she confronts the television broadcasts and visits the BBC and ITV studios. One's more welcoming than the other:
"The aforementioned talent – in this case, Lineker, Hansen, Henry and Clarence Seedorf – sit silently and stare at the TV that’s weirdly embedded into the table, making them look even more remote and internalised (at ITV, the TV is set up beneath one of the cameras, so the four men stare in front of them, like normal TV watchers). Maybe it feels more serious up here because we’re closer to transmission time. But it wouldn’t have made any difference if I’d come to the studio earlier as the men don’t arrive until the very last minute, so there is none of that sense of camaraderie found downstairs (indeed, in the lift Henry didn’t even look at Hansen). Whereas ITV let me listen in on a headset to the planning of the show and stay around while Chiles talked with the guests about the running order, Tom and I are firmly ushered out of the BBC’s studio as soon as all four men are in their seat, as though we were going to leak details of their tactics."

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