My Favourite Film of 2014.

Film After Doctor Who in 2013 and surfaces at home through 2014, my title bar theme this year is favourite films going backwards in time, one per year.

Since there's over a century of them, this should keep me busy through the blog's fifteenth birthday and beyond (he says optimistically).

Of course release dates are going to end up being pretty fluid so if, as in the case of Stories We Tell, it seems like I'm a bit out, it's because I don't see the point in not choosing the best film I saw in a given year just because its initial release date was a few years in the past and it say on the shelf.

Why this choice?

Because at its at the epicentre of film, of the interstitial space between fact and fiction, documentary and drama and while Boyhood is technically brave, Polley's film is emotionally heroic.

To say much more would be to ruin some of its virtues, so instead I'll simply link to it on Netflix, Amazon and the NFB (which is where I saw it) and suggest you avoid the synopsis and trailer.

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