"the distracting tomfoolery"

Film As you will have noted during my wrap up of last year's filmapalooza, I only sat inside an actual auditorium about five times last year and on all occasions only when I had to.

 To be fair they were all very good experiences with decent audiences who shut up during the film and mostly didn't sit anywhere near me, largely because I was on the front row so I wasn't sitting anywhere near them.

Good old Picturehouse at FACT.

If only modern cinema pricing was cheaper.

I really can't afford £9 an afternoon screening too often if I can also get as many films as I like at home for £10 a month (Netflix + Lovefilm-by-post) to watch on my decent sized screen.

Either way I didn't have to deal with the horrors that a correspondent at Little White Lies had to contend with:
"... when some gentleman in the row in front started tooling around on his mobile during the opening chimp sequence, we felt more than usually justified in politely asking him to terminate the distracting tomfoolery.

He turned around in clear possession of thoughts to share. I readied myself for abuse.

"Part of the cinema's service is that you can text the bar for a drink."
They then go on to describe how throughout a rare screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey, every now and then a screen would light up and within minutes an usher would wander in to deliver drinks.

As the below the liners suggest, name and shame, name and indeed shame.

Awful, awful, awful.  Is this prevalent?  Does this happen a lot?

Quite a contrast to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin which also serves food but has a zero tolerance for phone use. Must we watch this again?

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