"What's the meaning of this?"

Film As we've discussed before, one of the elements which streaming and by-post can't really replace in relation to the video shop experience is bumping into a straight-to-video work which doesn't seem to make sense. In other words, the cast is of the kind you'd expect to find in a major release and the box looks authentic enough but you've never heard of it before.

Step forward The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box which has finally been given a withering capsule review in this month's Empire Magazine (not online yet) despite being released on dvd at the end of last October. There they all are Sheen, Headey, Neill, Hawes, Gruffudd and Aneurin Barnard (who played Bobby in ITV's Cilla).  It's based on a popular novel.

Looks like a major film release, except, oh 15% at Rotten Tomatoes.  Oh. $4,756 opening weekend across eighty-two theatres with a screen average of $58 in the US according to Box Office Mojo. Dear. It did receive a cinematic release in United Arab Emirates with a total gross of $49,674 though so that's something.

Nevertheless, numbers is numbers.  Plus there's the trailer which is really, really poor and probably doesn't do it many favours.  There's also this interview with Neill in which neither he or the journalist talk much about the film he's promoting.

As one of the below the line YouTube commenters puts it succinctly:

"Downton Indiana Holmes: The Mcguffin Box"

Needless to say I've added it to my Lovefilm-By-Post list...

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