Ten Links and a Video.

Dudeln: Vienna's own indoor yodelling:
"For many, yodelling is the sound of the Alps. Farmers used the warbling singing technique to communicate between mountain peaks. But the Austrian capital Vienna has its own special version of yodelling, known as Dudeln. It has been recognised by UNESCO as part of Austria's intangible cultural heritage. Bethany Bell met the dudler singer Agnes Palmisano."

A Night Out With Scarlett Johansson:
"It's so freezing in New York that I usually wear trousers for formal parties, though this year I want to wear more dresses with tights. I'm going to make some serious investments at Wolford. I don't know why New Yorkers don't wear tights as much as British people, I guess it's a cultural thing? But why wouldn't you when it's so cold?"

Florida HOA Issues Violation Letter On Fan Made TARDIS:
"This just might be the one problem in space and time itself the good Doctor can’t talk his way out of, or fix with the quick use of his sonic screwdriver. A couple in Florida built a replica TARDIS, because: (A.) They are huge fans of the show, and (B.) They wanted to use it in their wedding photos. Their themed wedding pictures went off without a hitch and the happy couple found a spot, temporary most likely, for the TARDIS in the driveway. Then the one power in the universe that even the Doctor wisely fears reared its ugly head, the dreaded Lexington Home Owners Association of Tampa Florida."

How Does The Proper ‘Doctor Who’ Fan Respond To An HOA Violation Letter? Throw A Viewing Party!
"Last week we brought you the story of the Moder family in Florida that received a HOA (Home Owners Association) letter about the big blue call box in their driveway. That’s right Doctor Who‘s TARDIS was minding its own business, trying to fix its Chameleon circuits while parked in the Moder’s driveway and the neighborhood HOA took offense. What’s a Doctor Who fan to do when your TARDIS doesn’t get the usual love its grown accustomed to receiving from fans around the world? Throw a huge Doctor Who viewing party!"

Emily Blunt: 'Nobody goes through life unscathed':
"Emily Blunt’s first professional acting job was at the age of 18, in a West End play called The Royal Family, directed by Peter Hall. It was 2001 and she had, until then, been labouring under the delusion she’d go to university and study languages. (Blunt wanted to be a simultaneous translator at the UN.) Instead, she found herself in a makeup chair backstage at the Haymarket theatre, being crept up on by Judi Dench, her co-star. “I just heard that voice in the room behind me,” Blunt says, “and I remember feeling the air go out of me. And she said, ‘Hello, darling. If anyone gives you any trouble in this, you come straight to me.’”"

Why Sweden Has the World's Safest Roads:
"Sweden is on its way to reaching zero road deaths per year. It’s an incredible feat, coming from a peak in road deaths in the 1970s. In 1997, Sweden implemented its now-famed “Vision Zero” plan in hopes of eradicating all road deaths and injuries, and it has already cut the deaths by half since 2000. In 2012, just one child under seven years old was killed on a road, compared with 58 in 1970."

Russia Is Building a Train That Will Zip From Moscow to Beijing In Just 48 Hours:
"Russia plans to build a new high speed railway, with trains that would speed from Moscow to Beijing in just 48 hours. At the moment, it takes about seven days to commute between the two cities and the route requires changes. According to Romanian website Glasul, the Kremlin has awarded the project to China Railway High-speed (CRH), a subsidiary of the state-controlled China Railway (CR), which is working in a joint-venture with the local firm Uralvagonzavod. CR is famous in the train industry for operating the world's only magnetic levitation train in an urban area, the Shangai monorail."

A Writer’s Worst Moment.
"I asked a large number of my writer friends and colleagues to tell me about the worst moments of their writing lives. I thought this might make other writers, particularly new ones, feel a bit better about their own situations, knowing that these guys have been through tough times and come out the other side. Of course, in a lot of cases, and this is something several of the respondents have pointed out to me, the worst thing that’s happened to a particular writer is a story that can’t be told in public, because other people are implicated, some of them innocent, some of them people one might want to work for again. Even this collection of third or fourth worse things will make your toes curl." -- Paul Cornell.

Nobody Else Knows Either; Or, Why Comics Continuity Does and Doesn’t Matter:
"So Asgard is in Oklahoma now. Or it was in Oklahoma, but now it’s on the moon? Who knows what’s going on with those crazy Asgardians."

Archeologists discover mythical Tomb of Osiris in Egypt:
"Archeologists have discovered an ancient tomb modeled after the mythical Tomb of Osiris as described by Egyptian lore in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes. The complex includes a shaft that connects to multiple chambers, including one with demons holding knives."

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