Christmas Links #16

Essex church hides 1,000 baby Jesus rocks 'to bring joy':
"A Baptist church has hidden 1,000 rocks painted with an image of the baby Jesus to "bring a little bit of joy" to their local community."

Christmas at the National Gallery:
"From putting up our 16ft Leonardo-inspired Christmas trees to celebrating the winter highlights in our collection, see how we're getting ready for Christmas."

5 Easier Ways to Water Your Christmas Tree:
"A decorated Christmas tree adds instant holiday cheer to any room—for a few days, at least."

‘SNL’ Spoofs Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Movies, Addresses Brides Kissing Ad Controversy:
"Two years after Saturday Night Live skewered Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies in a cut-for-time sketch, NBC’s program this holiday season aired a new parody of Hallmark’s signature franchise."

Families get on board with fast, easy games for Christmas:
"Classics such as Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly make way for pick-up and go options such as Dobble and Bananagrams."

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