Christmas Links #20

Archived: The Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy HyperCard Expanded Book:
"Phew! That title is quite the mouthful! It would have been longer if I’d included the author’s name (the late, great Douglas Adams, of course) and the publishing company (Voyager) but I figured I’d best truncate it."

Christmas Creamguide 2019: Week One:
"It’s the Christmas Creamguide and it’s the twentieth time we’ve done it! Maybe one day we’ll get good at it, but at least we haven’t put a holiday supplement in the middle of Christmas Day. As in previous years, it’s so big it arrives over two days, with TV, radio and a full film guide. Hope you enjoy it!"

A Merry Tudor Christmas with Lucy Worsley:
"Recreating festivities from Henry VIII's era, Lucy Worsley dresses, eats, drinks, sings and parties like it is 500 years ago - discovering long-lost traditions as well as familiar customs."

This Christmas I Won't Clam Up If My Kids Ask Where Their Grandparents Are:
"Sadness is a human emotion. I should allow my kids to experience it even when it's secondhand."

Cats is a baffling, humourless CGI nightmare—and the people deserve an explanation:
"If society is to move forward from this illogical disaster, we need nothing less than a full and frank inquiry."

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