Christmas Links #19

The seven most terrifying Christmas traditions around the world:
"Playful Christmas fun, or sinister, skin-crawling horror? You decide."

"The Environment Was Very Toxic": Nudity, a Graphic Photo and the Untold Story of Why Ruth Wilson Left 'The Affair':
"The actress shocked fans of her Showtime drama when she suddenly quit the role that earned her a Golden Globe, then said she wasn't allowed to say why. Now, insiders reveal a complex situation that involved complaints of a hostile work environment, Lena Dunham, and a director and showrunner who sparked a formal investigation."

Not just a Christmas movie: DIE HARD on the big screen:
"It’s been quite a fall season for UW–Madison film culture."

10 Great Christmas-Adjacent Movies That Aren’t Die Hard:
"Whenever we discuss our favorite Christmas movies, there’s always that one guy (and it’s always a guy) who chimes in, “What about Die Hard?” In fact, I’m sure that someone in the comment section of this article will say something like, “Dude, you forgot Die Hard!”"

“WHAT’RE YOU GONNA WEAR?” The Movies with the Most Iconic Going Out Looks, as Envisioned by the Artist Anna Bak-Kvapil:
"Stop it. Campaigning for canceling plans and staying in is—well—getting boring. We propose another ritual. The one where you arrive at your friend’s place and she isn’t ready...not even close."

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