Christmas Links #21

A Little Boy Thought This Muslim Accountant Was Santa And He's Played Along For Four Years:
"A heartwarming Christmas tale."

The challenges of conserving 20th century buildings:
"The work of a conservation architect is always challenging. Securing a building’s future, while staying sensitive to its aesthetic and working within its listed status, is an impressive juggling act."
[Editor's note: This is about the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool and includes an ingenious way they have for dealing with rainfall and leaky stained glass.]

'It's not for 10-year-olds': Guy Pearce on Steven Knight's adaptation of A Christmas Carol:
"Writer Steven Knight and actors Guy Pearce and Stephen Graham explain why their Christmas Carol will strike a chord with a modern audience."

The religious case for Christmas is well known. But there’s a scientific one too:
"Our urge to mark midwinter and celebrate the days growing longer precedes Christianity by thousands of years."

Nope, seeing Cats the musical will not help you understand Cats the movie:
"Three months into my freshman year of theater school, I found myself fake-laughing my way through a raucous parody of Cats—a show I had never actually seen, but one that was apparently being hilariously skewered based on the reactions of everyone around me."

Christmas card delivered to wrong address 5,200 miles away:
"A Christmas card thought to have been posted in south Wales to an address in Warwickshire has been delivered 5,200 miles away - in the United States."

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