Film The most interesting thing I've head Chris Columbus say in years. Talking to Cinescape about whether the Harry Potter kids should stick around for all of them, he said:
“I would encourage it because they have to go on with their lives,” says Columbus. “I certainly wouldn't fight that at all. If they don't want to come back, they shouldn't. There's nothing worse than a kid who doesn't want to be there. Trust me. I've worked with kids who don't want to be on the set. These kids love doing their jobs. When that leaves, if you're a director or an actor, then you're sunk. Then you're just doing it for the money or whatever other horrible reason. You've got to get out of it.”
I love it when directors say things like this. Quick check of his career, and we have a lot of young hopefuls to choose from. Anyone going for Anthony Rapp in 'Adventures in Babysitting' -- would you want to be around when Vincent D'nofrio is stinking up the place dressed as Thor?

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