TV I'm enjoying the end of my holiday and busy with other work, so to keep you busy, here is Off The Telly's Channel 4 at 20 celebration to keep you busy. As they point out, five years ago:
"Adam & Joe's Fourmative Years saw the duo rummage through the Channel 4 archives, unearthing a pile of interesting and funny clips in the process; Storm Over 4 charted the various controversies that had thus far lashed the channel; previous Chief Executives Jeremy Isaacs and Michael Grade were given the opportunity to select their favourite programmes for repeat (which were Max Headroom and the Without Walls special dedicated to Dennis Potter, respectively); and a night was given over to the viewers' choice of favourite Channel 4 programming.
This year, nothing. So this will have to do ...

[There is another reason I'm linking to this. I've been mentioning their work for ages and they were kind enough to ask me to contibute a piece. It's at the bottom this page here. You can probably guess the subject ... it was a pleasure to do ... and I'm also available for christenings, weddings and barmitzvas ...]

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