Weblogging I've been reviewed by Bloggy Opinions. What a wierd experience. Read it here.

I could continue at length, but it's odd how things you thought were perfectly obvious aren't quite so and something you just threw together because you didn't have time for anything else and ended up staying gain extra significance. Too wit: I picked the picture for my new semi-permanent blogbar becuase it looked nice and featured at least a bit of me. And there are books and music which I talk about on the site. And there isn't a film reference because I watch far too many of those anyway. But I like her explanation more.

I've been thinking about putting my weblogging rules up on the front page somewhere ... it's absolutely not that I don't want to talk about my life. I want to talk about it at great length -- I'd love to talk about what kind of a day I've had at work, or what I really think of my friends or whatever, but to quote, 'this stuff is dangerous'. The few odd scraps I have thrown out there have been misinterpreted far too many times. So I codify some things, and at other times talk about the me me rather than me in the world. I like to think to substitute my writing style is personable instead. Although I suppose it depends on what you consider a 'personable person' to be ...

[I really ought to break those odd links back the Geocities. I hadn't thought that he'd go off and look at that. This was when the site wasn't a weblog at all, but just featured a longer static review more not than often. I hope she wasn't reviewing that instead of this actual weblog ... ]

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