The Press After the theatre hostage crisis in Moscow, the Russian Government's Press Ministry has drafted stricter guidelines for journalists. Although the results are based upon those found in other countries (the BBC is singled out), they aren't that clear and misleading. One editor is indignant:
"Everything is mixed up - a 'memo to a young reporter,' demagoguery, quite reasonable statements and absolutely naive things," he said. "What does it mean to 'avoid reporting details of the work of specialists involved in saving lives'? During the anti-terrorist operation - maybe, but afterward - I am sorry! Does this mean we should not discuss and raise questions about the secret services' actions? The special forces exist not for the sake of the special forces, but for the sake of society, and it is our duty to discuss their performance."
You could unkindly suggest that it's the kind of censorship one might expect from that end of the world, but it might be important to remember two things. It's only a suggestion not law, and people have been allowed to question it.

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