Music Tupac Shakur has released sixteen posthumous albums. Not being a fan, but interested, this is either extremely gratuious or a way for people to feel that he's still in a recording studio. You can see why conspiracy theorists are suggesting his death was faked. Although apparently recent releases are sounding increasingly threadbare.

Let's hope the same fate doesn't befall Lisa Lopez with the left eye. TLC have joined with friends like Missy Elliot and The Neptunes to complete the album they were working on at the time of her death. It sounds surprisingly fresh and in keeping with the progressive nature of the group is a step beyond much of the generic R&B knocking around. If you are a fan, the BBC currently have the entire album on-line for you to hear ... it's only up for limited time though, midnight, so you'd best click on now. It's in Real One streaming format though so have that installed and ready.

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