And… Out Of The Present tells the documentary story of the missions which took place on the MIR space station as the USSR collapsed. There is some really astonishing camera work in here (the cosmonauts took a standard 35mm movie camera up with them) as the station orbits the Earth. Trouble is the editor couldn’t decide whether he pastiching Tarchovsky and Kubrick or making one of those chill out programmes which turn up on Channel 4 in the middle of the night so the pace is slow and repetitive and with moments filled with extremely bad Russian techno music. Worth seeing perhaps for the first British woman in space, Helen Sharman, turning up for her first meal on the station in a ball gown.

Thinking Over’ – Dana Glover who is to Sheryl Crow what Natalie Imbruglia is to Alanis Morissette probably. Fashion model with great singing voice produced very catchy record, so far, so Caprice. Obscurity awaits.

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