Commerce There are places in the world in which time seems to stop; antarctica, the grand canyon, the top of the Eiffel Tower at sunset. And Borders in Speke, Liverpool. I entered at lunch time, started browsing and didn't look at the time until two, time slipping away. Just in the CD section. It's the listening posts. It seems as though 90% of the albums have previews available and it's a fabulous place to get musically educated. I now know what Bepop sounds like; I know that Nina Simone was a lot more than a one song wonder; that Alison Krauss seems to have had over a hundred albums out; Glenn Gould really was a great pianist; not all dance music is awful and Pete Seger is a forgotten joy. And now this is only a twenty minute bus ride away. Liverpool ... it's nearly as good as some other places.

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