TV When he was working for Saturday Night Live, Alan Baird found himself having to cope with John Belushi and getting David Bowie to become Ziggy Stardust:
"David Bowie and I manhandle his life-size plastic punching doll into the elevator. The next night, NBC’s costumers will bolt David into this rigid contraption so he can spin and wobble across the stage on live television, while lip-synching one of the songs that made him into the icon known as Ziggy Stardust.
For a second, I gaze into Bowie’s left eye and notice his famous blown pupil. ‘Why drag this all the way back to your hotel? The Props department could lock it up for you.’
He laughs. ‘Nothing personal, but if it goes missing, I can’t just buy another one down at the corner shop.’
I giggle. ‘Good point.’
Sometimes it's the really normal people who survive abnormal situations.

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