Film I always like 'Hostile Hostages' (US title: The Ref). This featured Kevin Spacey and Judy Davies as arguing parents in a family which is held hostage by Denis Leary when the family arrives for meal. Spacey is playing a proto-Lester Burnham to put you in the right mind. It didn't do any box office and went DTV in the UK. However, the creative minds behind the film Ted Demme and Richard LaGravenese became firm friends and talk about the films which made them want to join the business, the New Hollywood (the Seventies). Their collaboration "Decade Under the Influence" is due out soon, and here LaGravenese talks about completing the film as a collaboration even though his co-producer Demme died in the middle:
"Though the two-year production experienced a serious loss with the untimely passing of co-director Demme, LaGravenese continued working as team: “It still feels like we’re partners and that we’ve worked all year together. I’m sure some of it was just denial, but I don’t care. I miss his something terrible. The documentary has kept us a team. He’s still around.”
Arguably some of the values are returning (see Clooney and Soderbergh). Sometimes it's good that not all the loose ends are tied up.

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