Commerce I stepped into Clarks Shoes and glanced about the shelves. Nothing. I approached the sales clerks.
"Would anyone like to help me with an impossible query. " For some reason I've come all over Paul McGann's Doctor Who. Oh well.
"Yes.." Splutters one.
"I was wondering if you have these boots..." We both look down at my feet, and the eighteen month old and looking it leathers on my feet. ".. only new."
"You're pushing it for boots. It's nearly summer."
"I know. It's just I like these."
We collectively look on the shelves. The only boot we find doesn't look like it would last much further than the front door of the shop.
"I'll look in the stock room." She says and heads off.
I stand. I wait.
She re-appears with two boxes, which she deposits on the counter. In the first are a pair similar to the ones we'd just looked at, but they're massively shiny, plasticy and have that snakeskin motiff that makes you want... She opens the second box. It looks like it's dropped through a wormhole from a year ago. They are my boots, only new. At the same price.
Just wanted to prove that sometimes this stuff really works.

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