Film I've just spotted some odd scheduling for next Saturday (the 21st). The recently release in cinemas documentary Control Room appears on BBC Two next Saturday at 10:05pm (which'll make the theatrical distributors happy). It's a look behind the scenes of al-Jazeera and I'll be interested to see how it differs from the BBC's own programme on the subject which appeared a few years ago. Also worth noting is that Channel 5, sorry, Five are broadcast the controversial psuedo-documentary The Buried Secret of M Night Shyamalan at 12:45am that same night. Considering the amount of comment which flew about the internet when this was broadcast in the US a few weeks ago, it's a pleasant surprise to be able to see it so quickly. Pity the Five has decided only insomniacs would be interested -- enough people will probably be seeing his new film The Village to make a nine o'clock appointment worthwhile -- expecially considering the utter rubbish they do broadcast at that time.

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