Weblogging For some reason I feel slightly put upon by the sudden appearance of the navigation bar at the top of the weblog. It's not a horrible idea -- offering an accessible Google search of the site but it somehow reduces the things individuality. It feels like this is part of some larger network rather than my own work. Plus it's screwed up the formating of page and since I've had to move the logobar down it all looks a bit cramped. Take my advise and sign up to the atom feed if you can...


  1. Much nicer than a banner ad, though.

    But much worse than with no big BLOGGER branding whatsoever. Oh well, it's free, at least...

  2. it looks like you could hide it with some css properties. the source shows the search bar is inside a [div id="b-navbar"]... so you could add #b-navbar {display: none;} to your css to hide the bar.

  3. Yes, but to paraphrase Paul Merton on Have I Got News For You, 'Considering I did Fine Art ...'

  4. Oh no -- hold on ... I've looked at the source and I see what you mean. I'll try that when I've got some time.

  5. Anonymous12:17 am

    try this:

    #b-navbar {margin-top:-100px; display:none;}