Weblogging It all went a bit crazy around here overnight and during today. Waxy, who I didn't even know was reading picked up on that post about the navbar and used it as an example to break the story. Cue many, many visitors and comments. I haven't seen much reaction yet to this, but I stand by what I said last night. It's really not such a bad idea -- and it's certainly more aesthetically pleasing that the 'classic' banner ad. But issues still abound. For example, I paid a couple of years ago to have the banner removed but here's this thing now. I thought my payment was inperpetuity and yet there it sits. Also it felt like it was sprung on us -- so people for whom the look and feel of the site is very important didn't really have time to prepare. Also, why only four colours -- if blogger is about functionality why not offer the chance to pick something which will blend in with existing designs?

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